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Terrance MacMullan
Eastern Washington University
Terrance MacMullan
Eastern Washington University
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    Habits of Whiteness: A Pragmatist Reconstruction.Terrance MacMullan - 2009 - Indiana University Press.
    Habits of Whiteness offers a new way to talk about race and racism by focusing on racial habits and how to change them. According to Terrance MacMullan, the concept of racial whiteness has undermined attempts to create a truly democratic society in the United States. By getting to the core of the racism that lives on in unrecognized habits, MacMullan argues clearly and charitably for white folk to recognize the distance between their color-blind ideals and their actual behavior. Revitalizing the (...)
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    Facing Up to Ignorance and Privilege: Philosophy of Whiteness as Public Intellectualism.Terrance MacMullan - 2015 - Philosophy Compass 10 (9):646-660.
    This article offers an overview on current trends and future research possibilities within the philosophy of whiteness. It examines the sub-field of the philosophy of whiteness within the context of the larger field of the philosophy of race in order to assess the viability and relevance of this field of study. Some of the topics on whiteness examined in the article include the problems of white ignorance and privilege, the invisibility of white supremacist racism to white people, and how all (...)
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  3. Jon Stewart and the New Public Intellectual.Terrance MacMullan - 2007 - In Jason Holt (ed.), The Daily Show and Philosophy: Moments of Zen in the Art of Fake News. Blackwell.
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    Beyond the Pale: A Pragmatist Approach to Whiteness Studies.Terrance MacMullan - 2005 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 31 (3):267-292.
    The recent growth of whiteness studies has brought whiteness under increasing scrutiny as a racial category that is both constructed and morally problematic. Two approaches dominate this relatively new discourse on the proper approach to whiteness. The first approach is eliminativism , which starts from the insight that the discursive categories of race, including whiteness, lack the biological ground that Enlightenment era theorists thought they had, and therefore calls for the elimination of the idea of race. The other, more heterogeneous, (...)
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  5. Challenges to Cultural Diversity: Absolutism, Democracy, and Alain Locke's Value Relativism.Terrance MacMullan - 2005 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 19 (2):129-139.
  6. On War as Waste: Jane Addams's Pragmatic Pacifism.Terrance MacMullan - 2001 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 15 (2):86-104.
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    Is There a White Gift?: A Pragmatist Response to the Problem of Whiteness.Terrance A. MacMullan - 2005 - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 41 (4):796-817.
  8. We Love and Adore Our Fatherland Like a Goddess: The Radical Catholic Nationalism of Pedro Albizu Campos.Terrance MacMullan - 2019 - Inter-American Journal of Philosophy 2 (10):1-24.
    This paper examines political philosophy of Pedro Albizu Campos, a 20th Century political leader and public philosopher from Puerto Rico. It argues that his apparent similarity to other anti-colonial thinkers of his day like José Vasconcelos and José Martí belies a deeper difference. It uses commentaries of his work by scholars such as Carlos Rojas Osorio and Antonio Steven-Arroyo to show that Albizu’s unflinching resistance against imperialism that cost him nearly three decades of freedom and ultimately his life was in (...)
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    Radical Pragmatism: An Alternative.Terrance Macmullan - 1999 - Newsletter of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 27 (83):82-84.
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    Pragmatism and the Problem of Race (Review).Terrance MacMullan - 2006 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 20 (1):62-65.
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    Radical Pragmatism: An Alternative. [REVIEW]Terrance Macmullan - 1999 - Newsletter of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 27 (83):82-84.