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    Employee Reactions to Internet Monitoring: The Moderating Role of Ethical Orientation.Alder G. Stoney, Schminke Marshall, W. Noel Terry & Kuenzi Maribeth - 2008 - Journal of Business Ethics 80 (3):481-498.
    Research has demonstrated that employee reactions to monitoring systems depend on both the characteristics of the monitoring system and how it is implemented. However, little is known about the role individual differences may play in this process. This study proposes that individuals have generalized attitudes toward organizational control and monitoring activities. We examined this argument by assessing the relationship between employees' baseline attitudes toward a set of monitoring and control techniques that span the employment relationship. We further explore the effects (...)
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    The Impact of Individual Ethics on Reactions to Potentially Invasive HR Practices.G. Stoney Alder, Marshall Schminke & Terry W. Noel - 2007 - Journal of Business Ethics 75 (2):201-214.
    In recent years, the practices of work organizations have raised increasing concerns regarding individual privacy at work. It is clear that people expect and value privacy in their personal lives. However, the extent to which privacy perceptions influence individuals’ work attitudes is less clear. Research has explored the extent to which employee perceptions of privacy derive from characteristics of the programs themselves. However, there is a paucity of research that examines how the characteristics of the individual employee may influence perceptions (...)
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  3. Electronic Performance Monitoring: A Consideration of Rights.M. Ambrose, G. Stoney Alder & Terry W. Noel - 1998 - In Marshall Schminke (ed.), Managerial Ethics: Moral Management of People and Processes. Lawrence Erlbaum Assocs.. pp. 61--80.
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