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Thaddeus Robinson
Muhlenberg College
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    Spinoza on the Vacuum and the Simplicity of Corporeal Substance.Thaddeus S. Robinson - 2009 - History of Philosophy Quarterly 26 (1):63 - 81.
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    Descartes's Sceptical Theism.Thaddeus S. Robinson - 2013 - Religious Studies 49 (4):515-527.
    In the first part of the article I show how Descartes employs the sceptical theist strategy as part of his response to the problem of evil in Meditation Four. However, Descartes's use of this strategy seems to raise a serious challenge to his whole project: if Descartes is ignorant of God's purposes, then how can he be sure that God doesn't have some morally sufficient reason for creating him with unreliable clear and distinct perceptions? Drawing on related objections from Mersenne (...)
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    Identifying Spinoza’s Immediate Infinite Mode of Extension.Thaddeus S. Robinson - 2014 - Dialogue 53 (2):315-340.
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  4. 17th Century Theories of Substance.Thaddeus S. Robinson - 2011 - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 1 (1):1.