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    Virtuality and Subjective Realities: A Freedom-Based Ergon for the Modern African Parent.Thando Nkohla-Ramunenyiwa - 2020 - Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology 20 (1):e1887572.
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    Localized Wood Resource Depletion in Botswana: Towards a Demographic, Institutional and Cosmovisional Explanation.Thando D. Gwebu - 2002 - Ethics, Place and Environment 5 (2):144 – 152.
    In sub-Saharan Africa, communal land resource utilization and management has reflected changes in sociocultural belief systems, population dynamics, and modes of societal administration and regulation. This paper, based on archival evidence, attempts to substantiate this assumption through an illustrative case study on biomass depletion around large settlements in Botswana. It also suggests that a revisit to certain traditional institutional and sociocultural practices on natural resource management might provide useful insights towards the sustainable utilization of wood resources.
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