1.  6
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  2. Theodor Landis, R. E. Graves & H. Goodglass (1981). Dissociated Awareness of Manual Performance on Two Different Visual Associative Tasks: A "Split-Brain" Phenomenon in Normal Subjects? Cortex 17:435-440.
  3.  11
    Katharina Henke, Theodor Landis & Hans J. Markowitsch (1993). Subliminal Perception of Pictures in the Right Hemisphere. Consciousness and Cognition 2 (3):225-236.
    We addressed the questions whether stimuli presented below the threshold of verbal awareness are nevertheless perceived and whether there are perceptual differences between the two cerebral hemispheres. Pictures of line drawn objects and animals were subliminally presented to each visual half-field for subsequent identification in a form as fragmented as possible. The performance of 40 healthy subjects was compared to that of 63 controls. Whereas identification performance after blank presentation in the experimental group did not differ from that of controls, (...)
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