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  1. Thomas A. Horne (1991). Property Rights and Poverty. Political Argument in Britain, 1605-1834. Utopian Studies 2 (1):198-199.
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    Thomas A. Horne (1994). Liberalism and the Problem of Poverty: A Reply to Ashcraft. Critical Review 8 (3):427-434.
    In Property Rights and Poverty, / argued that seventeenth? to mid?nineteenth?century liberal theories of the natural right to property included both the ability to exclude others from resources lawfully acquired and the ability to claim as property the resources necessary for life and livelihood. Virtually every defense of the right to exclude written during this period carried limits which allowed and even required the government to enforce the rights of those without resources to the property of others. But although Locke, (...)
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    Thomas A. Horne (1985). "The Poor Have a Claim Founded in the Law of Nature": William Paley and the Rights of the Poor. Journal of the History of Philosophy 23 (1):51-70.
  4. Thomas A. Horne (1983). Bourgeois Virtue: Property and Moral Philosophy in America, 1750–1800. History of Political Thought 4 (2):317-40.
  5. Thomas A. Horne (1988). Welfare Rights as Property Rights. In J. Donald Moon (ed.), Responsibility, Rights, and Welfare: The Theory of the Welfare State. Westview Press. pp. 107--132.
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