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Thomas M. Hughes
University of California at Santa Barbara
  1. Is Political Obligation Necessary for Obedience? Hobbes on Hostility, War and Obligation.Thomas M. Hughes - 2012 - Teoria Politica 2:77-99.
    Contemporary debates on obedience and consent, such as those between Thomas Senor and A. John Simmons, suggest that either political obligation must exist as a concept or there must be natural duty of justice accessible to us through reason. Without one or the other, de facto political institutions would lack the requisite moral framework to engage in legitimate coercion. This essay suggests that both are unnecessary in order to provide a conceptual framework in which obedience to coercive political institutions can (...)
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    Gandhi’s Devotional Political Thought.Stuart Gray & Thomas M. Hughes - 2015 - Philosophy East and West 65 (2):375-400.
    The political thought of Mohandas K. Gandhi has been increasingly used as a paradigmatic example of hybrid political thought that developed out of a cross-cultural dialogue of eastern and western influences. With a novel unpacking of this hybridity, this article focuses on the conceptual influences that Gandhi explicitly stressed in his autobiography and other writings, particularly the works of Leo Tolstoy and the Bhagavad Gītā. This new tracing of influence in the development of Gandhi’s thought alters the substantive thrust of (...)
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    The Mystified Ms. Dowd.Thomas M. Hughes - 2012 - The Chesterton Review 38 (1/2):337-340.
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    Daoism and Anarchism: Critiques of State Autonomy in Ancient and Modern China by John Rapp. [REVIEW]Thomas M. Hughes - 2014 - Philosophy East and West 64 (4):1106-1108.