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Thomas W. Satre [10]Thomas Ward Satre [1]
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    Natural Deduction Rules for Modal Logics.Thomas W. Satre - 1972 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 13 (4):461-475.
  2. Human Dignity and Capital Punishment.Thomas W. Satre - 1991 - Journal of Philosophical Research 16:233-250.
    This paper reviews the concept of human dignity as it has evolved in recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court, and the paper then sketches a “rights based” theory of human dignity. Among the principles of human dignity is a principle of compensation for mistakes in the treatment of any person. A broad concept of mistake is outlined, and, in terms of this concept and the principles of dignity, the practice of capital punishment is examined. An argument by Jeffrie (...)
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    Contemporary Philosophy of Religion.Thomas W. Satre - 1983 - Teaching Philosophy 6 (4):407-409.
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    Necessary Being and the Question-Blocking Argument.Thomas W. Satre - 1978 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9 (3):158 - 170.
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    The Irrationality of Capital Punishment.Thomas W. Satre - 1975 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 6 (2):75-87.
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    Liberalism and Health Care Allocation.Thomas W. Satre - 1992 - Southwest Philosophy Review 8 (1):39-47.
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    Contracting for Punishment.Thomas W. Satre - 1987 - Philosophy Research Archives 13:431-438.
    This paper argues that the general practice of punishment cannot be successfully defended by appeals to social contract arguments based upon the work of John Rawls. Several attempts to present such justifications are discussed, including those by Murphy, Morris, Sterba, and Hoekema. It is argued that social contractors would not choose a practice of punishment because such a practice is a symbolic expression of society’s disapproval of offenses against the law. Social contractors would instead choose a practice which might have (...)
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