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    Interaction and Everyday Life: Phenomenological and Ethnomethodological Essays in Honor of George Psathas.Christina Papadimitriou, David Rehorick, Hwa Yol Jung, Lester Embree, Ilja Srubar, Martin Endress, Thomas Eberle, Jochen Dreher, Kwang-ki Kim, Thomas Wilson, Lenore Langsdorf, Kenneth Liberman, Tim Berard, Lorenza Mondada, Aug Nishizaka, Peter Weeks, Hisashi Nasu & Frances Chaput Waksler (eds.) - 2012 - Lexington Books.
    Through a wide-ranging international collection of papers, this volume provides theoretical and historical insights into the development and application of phenomenological sociology and ethnomethodology and offers detailed examples of research into social phenomena from these standpoints. All the articles in this volume join together to testify to the enormous efficacy and potential of both phenomenological sociology and ethnomethodology.
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    Genealogy of the Way: The Construction and Uses of the Confucian Tradition in Late Imperial China.Thomas A. Wilson - 1995 - Stanford University Press.
    Beginning in the Southern Sung, one Confucian sect gradually came to dominate literati culture and, by the Ming dynasty, was canonized as state orthodoxy. This book is a historical and textual critique of the process by which claims to exclusive possession of the truth came to serve power. The author analyzes the formation of the Confucian canon and its role in the civil service examinations, the enshrinement of worthies in the Confucian temple, and the emergence of the Confucian anthology, activities (...)
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    Russell's Later Theory of Perception.Thomas A. Wilson - 1985 - Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies 5 (1):26-43.
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    Self-interest, compassion, and consistency in an environmental ethics class: would students give up their retirement to stop the coronavirus?Emily A. Davis, Thomas P. Wilson & Bradley R. Reynolds - 2021 - International Journal of Ethics Education 6 (2):311-321.
    During spring of 2020, environmental ethics students at a medium sized metropolitan university in the Southeastern United States were asked to read and comment on classic essays from Robert Heilbroner and Garrett Hardin, essays regarding our responsibilities towards future generations. In general, students seemed to hold more with Heilbroner’s stance, which left room for compassion, while condemning Hardin’s harshness. Students were then asked to provide written responses stating whether they would personally sacrifice their eventual retirement in order to stop COVID-19 (...)
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    Exploring the Contexts of Information Behaviour Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Reseach in Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts, 13/15 August 1998, Sheffield, Uk. [REVIEW]David K. Allen & Thomas D. Wilson - 1999
  6. Science, Technology and Development: The Politics of Modernization.Thomas Williams Wilson - 1979 - Foreign Policy Association.
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    The Rule of Reason, Conteinying the Arte of Logique.Thomas Wilson - 1551 - London, England: Northridge, Calif., San Fernando Valley State College.
  8. The Rule of Reason.Thomas Wilson - 1551 - New York: Da Capo Press.
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    Adam Smith's Wealth of NationsAn Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.Essays on Adam Smith.Donald White, Adam Smith, Andrew S. Skinner & Thomas Wilson - 1976 - Journal of the History of Ideas 37 (4):715.
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    Perception-Action Links and the Evolution of Human Speech Exchange.Thomas P. Wilson & Margaret Wilson - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (1):47-48.
    A perception-action system may underlie the mechanisms by which human speech exchange in social interaction is managed, as well as the evolutionary precursors of these mechanisms in closely related species. Some phenomena of interaction well-studied by sociologists are suggested as a point of departure for further research.
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    Nationalism, Interdependence and the Governance of World Community.Thomas Wilson - 1979 - World Futures 16 (1):149-157.
    (1979). Nationalism, interdependence and the governance of world community. World Futures: Vol. 16, Nationalism in an Interdependent World, pp. 149-157.
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    General Models of Set Theory.Thomas P. Wilson - 1981 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 22 (1):36-44.
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    On Philosophical Argumentation.G. A. Brutian & Thomas A. Wilson - 1979 - Philosophy and Rhetoric 12 (2):77 - 90.
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    On the Limits of European Integration and Identity in Northern Ireland.Thomas M. Wilson - 2010 - In Nigel Rapport (ed.), Human Nature as Capacity: Transcending Discourse and Classification. Berghahn Books. pp. 20--77.
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