Thomas Young [8]Thomas J. Young [1]Thomas Kent Young [1]
  1.  85
    Overconsumption and Procreation: Are They Morally Equivalent?Thomas Young - 2001 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 18 (2):183–192.
  2.  82
    Animal Rights and Souls in the Eighteenth Century.Aaron Garrett, Richard Dean, Humphrey Primatt, John Oswald & Thomas Young (eds.) - 1713 - Thoemmes Press.
    The publication of 'Animal Rights and Souls in the 18th Century' will be welcomed by everyone interested in the development of the modern animal liberation movement, as well as by those who simply want to savour the work of enlightenment thinkers pushing back the boundaries of both science and ethics. At last these long out-of-print texts are again available to be read and enjoyed - and what texts they are! Gems like Bougeant's witty reductio of the Christian view of animals (...)
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    Analogical Reasoning and Easy Rescue Cases.Thomas Young - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Research 18:327-339.
    The purpose of this article is to determine whether analogical reasoning can supply a basis for believing that we have a moral obligation to rescue strangers. The paper will focus on donating cadaver organs. I construct a moral analogical argument involving an easy rescue case and organ donation. Various alleged relevant differences between the cases are examined and rejected. Finally, what I cal l “the ownership dilemma” is introduced and I conclude that this dilemma is inescapable. Thus, analogical reasoning, however (...)
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  4. An Essay on Humanity to Animals.Thomas Young - 1713 - In Aaron Garrett, Richard Dean, Humphrey Primatt, John Oswald & Thomas Young (eds.), Animal Rights and Souls in the Eighteenth Century. Thoemmes Press.
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  5.  40
    Introductory Symbolic Logic Without Formal Proofs.Thomas Young - 1992 - Teaching Philosophy 15 (3):296-298.