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    The Effects of Fluency Enhancing Conditions on Sensorimotor Control of Speech in Typically Fluent Speakers: An EEG Mu Rhythm Study.Tiffani Kittilstved, Kevin J. Reilly, Ashley W. Harkrider, Devin Casenhiser, David Thornton, David E. Jenson, Tricia Hedinger, Andrew L. Bowers & Tim Saltuklaroglu - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
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    Johannes Chrysostomus. Catecheses Baptismales/Taujkatechesen I und II, Griechisch/Deutsch,(Fontes Chris-tiffani 6/1 und 2), Obersetzt und eingeleitet von Reiner Kaczynski, Freiburg, Herder, ISBN. [REVIEW]Kleine Schuledes Philosophischen Fragens - 1992 - Bijdragen, Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie En Theologie 53 (4):463.
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    Developing Civic Competence Through Action Civics: A Longitudinal Look at the Data.Karon LeCompte, Brooke Blevins & Tiffani Riggers-Piehl - forthcoming - Journal of Social Studies Research.
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    Are Per-Incident Rape-Pregnancy Rates Higher Than Per-Incident Consensual Pregnancy Rates?Jonathan A. Gottschall & Tiffani A. Gottschall - 2003 - Human Nature 14 (1):1-20.
    Is a given instance of rape more likely to result in pregnancy than a given instance of consensual sex? This paper undertakes a review and critique of the literature on rape-pregnancy. Next, it presents our own estimation, from U.S. government data, of pregnancy rates for reproductive age victims of penile-vaginal rape. Using data on birth control usage from the Statisticalof the United States, we then form an estimate of rapepregnancy rates adjusted for the substantial number of women in our sample (...)
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