Timothy A. Kenyon [3]Timothy Arthur Kenyon [1]
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    Searle Rediscovers What Was Not Lost.Timothy A. Kenyon - 1998 - Dialogue 37 (1):117-130.
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    Indeterminacy and Realism.Timothy A. Kenyon - 2000 - In Andrew Brook, Don Ross & David L. Thompson (eds.), Dennett's Philosophy: A Comprehensive Assessment. MIT Press. pp. 77--94.
    This article considers a Quine-Dennett style of argument from the indeterminacy of intentional content against the reducibility of mental states to neurological states. The most compelling version of such an argument, I suggest, is one that exploits a semantic anti-realist notion of truth; this holds out the promise of a relatively sophisticated story about the respects in which mental state attributions may be true or false of physical systems, without those states themselves being physical states.
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    Russell on Pastness.Timothy A. Kenyon - 1991 - Dialogue:57-59.
    In "On the Experience of Time", Russell claims that a knowledge of an objective earlier/later relation cannot establish our original awareness of "pastness". He proposes a special knowledge of pastness derived from introspection upon memory. My paper summarizes both accounts, examining Russell's rejection of the former. I conclude that the objective relation could indeed form the epistemic basis of pastness. Thus, for Russell's purposes, the psychological account is unnecessary.
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