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  1. The New Wittgenstein.Alice Crary, Rupert Read, Timothy G. Mccarthy, Sean C. Stidd, David Charles & William Child - 2005 - Mind 114 (453):129-137.
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    Wittgenstein in America.Timothy McCarthy & Sean C. Stidd (eds.) - 2001 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    This remarkable collection explores the legacy of Wittgenstein's work in contemporary American philosophy. The contributors (including several celebrated philosophers) take a variety of approaches to Wittgenstein; they discuss such topics as rule-following, realism about mathematics, the method of the Tractatus, the relation between style and content in Wittgenstein, and his distinction between sense and nonsense. Wittgenstein also is discussed in relation to subsequent philosophers such as Quine and Kripke.
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    Self-reference and incompleteness in a non-monotonic setting.Timothy G. Mccarthy - 1994 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 23 (4):423 - 449.
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    Essence and Realization in the Ontological Argument.Timothy G. McCarthy - 2016 - Faith and Philosophy 33 (1):5-24.
    A persistent complaint about modal forms of the ontological argument is that the characteristic modalized existence assumptions of these arguments are simply too close to the conclusion to be of much probative value in establish­ing it. I present an abstract form of the ontological argument in which the properties imputed to the divine nature by these assumptions are replaced by any of a wide class of properties of a sort I call “actualizing.” These include basic theistic attributes such as authorship, (...)
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    Book Review: Geoffrey Hellman. Mathematics Without Numbers. [REVIEW]Timothy G. McCarthy - 1997 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 38 (1):136-161.
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