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    Integral Theory: A Poisoned Chalice?Timothy Rutzou - 2012 - Journal of Critical Realism 11 (2):215-224.
    In light of the recent symposium, this paper analyses integral theory through original and dialectical critical realism. This paper maintains that Integral theory is unable to sustain its critique against modernity and postmodernity as a result of the adoption of Kantian, Hegelian, and Heideggerian ontology. The resulting actualism and structure, perpetrates ontological violence, as it attempts to resolve the problems of modernity and postmodernity. An adoption of critical realism as underlabourer would call into question many of the theoretical underpinnings of (...)
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    Integral Theory and the Search for the Holy Grail.Timothy Rutzou - 2014 - Journal of Critical Realism 13 (1):77-83.
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    Finding Bhaskar in All the Wrong Places? Causation, Process, and Structure in Bhaskar and Deleuze.Timothy Rutzou - 2017 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 47 (1).
    This article examines the reception of Roy Bhaskar amongst some contemporary Deleuzians. It proceeds by rejecting the all too often predilection of opposing realism to ‘postmodernism’ or ‘post-structuralism’ arguing instead for the need to bring one into dialogue with the other. To this end, the paper explores the resonances and points of departure between the work of Gilles Deleuze and Roy Bhaskar. In particular, it examines the language of causation, object-oriented versus process-oriented ontologies, as well as the charge by Deleuzians (...)
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    Review Essay the Monstrosity of Monovalence.Timothy Rutzou - 2013 - Journal of Critical Realism 12 (3):377-399.
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