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  1. Balancing Risk Prevention and Health Promotion: Towards a Harmonizing Approach in Care for Older People in the Community.Bienke M. Janssen, Tine Van Regenmortel & Tineke A. Abma - 2014 - Health Care Analysis 22 (1):1-21.
    Many older people in western countries express a desire to live independently and stay in control of their lives for as long as possible in spite of the afflictions that may accompany old age. Consequently, older people require care at home and additional support. In some care situations, tension and ambiguity may arise between professionals and clients whose views on risk prevention or health promotion may differ. Following Antonovsky’s salutogenic framework, different perspectives between professionals and clients on the pathways that (...)
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    Actively Coping with Violation: Exploring Upward Dissent Patterns in Functional, Dysfunctional, and Deserted Psychological Contract End States.René Schalk, Melanie De Ruiter, Joost Van Loon, Evy Kuijpers & Tine Van Regenmortel - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Paradoxes in the Care of Older People in the Community: Walking a Tightrope.Bienke Janssen, Tineke A. Abma & Tine Van Regenmortel - 2014 - Ethics and Social Welfare 8 (1):39-56.
    The expansion of the older population suggests that there will be significant numbers in need of care and support in their own home environment. Yet, little is known about the kind of situations professionals are faced with and how they intervene in the living environment of older people. Qualitative data were collected over a period of 1.5 years from a multi-disciplinary community-based geriatric team in the Netherlands, and participant observations carried out. Forty-two cases discussed within the team meetings were analysed. (...)
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    Walking a tightrope: adressing paradoxes in the care for older people living in the community.B. Janssen, Tine Van Regenmortel & T. Abma - forthcoming - Ethics and Social Welfare.