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    Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Untoward, and Contraceptive Effects of Combined Oral Contraceptives: Catholic Teaching, Natural Law, and the Principle of Double Effect When Deciding to Prescribe and Use.Murray Joseph Casey & Todd A. Salzman - 2014 - American Journal of Bioethics 14 (7):20-34.
    Combined oral contraceptives have been demonstrated to have significant benefits for the treatment and prevention of disease. These medications also are associated with untoward health effects, and they may be directly contraceptive. Prescribers and users must compare and weigh the intended beneficial health effects against foreseeable but unintended possible adverse effects in their decisions to prescribe and use. Additionally, those who intend to abide by Catholic teachings must consider prohibitions against contraception. Ethical judgments concerning both health benefits and contraception are (...)
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    New Natural Law Theory and Foundational Sexual Ethical Principles: A Critique and a Proposal.Todd A. Salzman & Michael G. Lawler - 2006 - Heythrop Journal 47 (2):182–205.
  3. Deontology and Teleology: An Investigation of the Normative Debate in Roman Catholic Moral Theology.Todd A. Salzman - 1995 - Uitgeverij Peeters.
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    The Basic Goods Theory and Revisionism: A Methodological Comparison on the Use of Reason and Experience as Sources of Moral Knowledge.Todd A. Salzman - 2001 - Heythrop Journal 42 (4):423–450.
    In Roman Catholic moral theology there is an ongoing debate between the proportionalist or revisionist school and the traditionalist school that has developed what is referred to as the ‘New Natural Law Theory’ or ‘Basic Goods Theory’ . The stakes in this debate have been raised with Pope John Paul II's encyclical Veritatis Splendor on fundamental moral theology that condemned ‘proportionalism’ or ‘teleologism’ as an ethical theory while utilizing many of the ideas, concepts, and terminology of the BGT, thereby implicitly (...)
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  5. Method and Catholic Moral Theology: The Ongoing Reconstruction.Todd A. Salzman (ed.) - 1999 - Creighton University Press.
    This work is an investigation of the ongoing methodical reconstruction of Catholic moral theology. As such it is based on and honors the work of Norbert Rigali, S.J., one of the most important contributors to this reconstruction.The decisive break from the traditional manual approach to moral theology represented by Vatican II reoriented moral theology away from universal natural law morality based on the commandments to a morality based on specifically Christian sources. This reorientation, however, was not an either/or but a (...)
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