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    Experimental Repeal of the Speed Limit for Gravitational, Electrodynamic, and Quantum Field Interactions.Tom Van Flandern & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 2002 - Foundations of Physics 32 (7):1031-1068.
    General relativity has a geometric and a field interpretation. If angular momentum conservation is invoked in the geometric interpretation to explain experiments, the causality principle is violated. The field interpretation avoids this problem by allowing faster-than-light propagation of gravity in forward time. All existing experiments are in agreement with that interpretation. This implies the existence of real superluminal propagation and communication of particles and fields, free of causality problems. The introduction of real physical faster-than-light propagation into gravitation, electrodynamics and quantum (...)
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  2. The Top 30 Problems with the Big Bang.Tom Van Flandern - 2002 - Apeiron 9 (2):72-90.
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    What the Global Positioning System Tells Us About the Twin's Paradox.Tom Van Flandern - 2003 - Apeiron 10 (1):69.