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    Triadic Bodily Mimesis is the Difference.Jordan Zlatev, Tomas Persson & Peter Gärdenfors - 2005 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (5):720-721.
    We find that the nature and origin of the proposed “dialogical cognitive representations” in the target article is not sufficiently clear. Our proposal is that (triadic) bodily mimesis and in particular mimetic schemas – prelinguistic representational, intersubjective structures, emerging through imitation but subsequently interiorized – can provide the necessary link between private sensory-motor experience and public language. In particular, we argue that shared intentionality requires triadic mimesis.
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    Foresight, Function Representation, and Social Intelligence in the Great Apes.Mathias Osvath, Tomas Persson & Peter Gärdenfors - 2012 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (4):234-235.
    We find problems with Vaesen's treatment of the primatological research, in particular his analysis of foresight, function representation, and social intelligence. We argue that his criticism of research on foresight in great apes is misguided. His claim that primates do not attach functions to particular objects is also problematic. Finally, his analysis of theory of mind neglects many distinctions.
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  3. What's in a Name? Commentary: A Crisis in Comparative Psychology: Where Have All the Undergraduates Gone.Mathias Osvath & Tomas Persson - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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