1.  17
    Tomasz Furmanowski (1975). Remarks on Discussive Propositional Calculus. Studia Logica 34 (1):39 - 43.
  2.  12
    Tomasz Furmanowski (1984). On Complete Bundles of Locally Valid Identities. Bulletin of the Section of Logic 13 (4):202-205.
    Some simple algebraic properties, described by universally quantified disjunctions of special identities, are established. Such sentences seem to be useful for an investigation on finite algebras and its products. These considerations are exemplified by results concerning distributive lattices. By P the polynomial algebra of a finite type t is understood. P is the n-ary polynomial algebra . No notational distinction is made between an algebra and its underlying set. Similarly by the same symbol is denoted each polynomial and its realization (...)
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  3.  14
    Tomasz Furmanowski (1983). The Logic of Algebraic Rules as a Generalization of Equational Logic. Studia Logica 42 (2-3):251 - 257.
    In this paper we start an investigation of a logic called the logic of algebraic rules. The relation of derivability of this logic is defined on universal closures of special disjunctions of equations extending the relation of derivability of the usual equational logic. The paper contains some simple theorems and examples given in justification for the introduction of our logic. A number of open questions is posed.
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