1.  44
    Swapping or dropping? Electrophysiological measures of difficulty during multiple object tracking.Trafton Drew, Todd S. Horowitz & Edward K. Vogel - 2013 - Cognition 126 (2):213-223.
  2. Through the eyes of the expert: Evaluating holistic processing in architects through gaze-contingent viewing.Spencer Ivy, Taren Rohovit, Mark Lavelle, Lace Padilla, Jeanine Stefanucci, Dustin Stokes & Trafton Drew - 2021 - Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 1:1-9.
    Studies in the psychology of visual expertise have tended to focus on a limited set of expert domains, such as radiology and athletics. Conclusions drawn from these data indicate that experts use parafoveal vision to process images holistically. In this study, we examined a novel, as-of-yet-unstudied class of visual experts—architects—expecting similar results. However, the results indicate that architects, though visual experts, may not employ the holistic processing strategy observed in their previously studied counterparts. Participants (n = 48, 24 architects, 24 (...)
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  3.  26
    Visual Expertise is More Than Meets the Eye: An examination of holistic visual processing in radiologists and architects.Spencer Ivy, Taren Rohovit, Jeanine Stefanucci, Dustin Stokes, Megan Mills & Trafton Drew - 2023 - Journal of Medical Imaging 10 (1):1-15.
    One of the dominant behavioral markers of visual-expert search strategy, Holistic Visual Processing (HVP), suggests that experts process information from a larger region of space in conjunction with a more focused gaze pattern in order to improve search speed and accuracy. To date, extant literature suggests that visual search expertise is domain specific, including HVP and its associated behaviors. The current study is the first to use eye tracking to directly measure the HVP strategies of two expert groups, radiologists and (...)
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    A bilateral advantage for storage in visual working memory.Akina Umemoto, Trafton Drew, Edward F. Ester & Edward Awh - 2010 - Cognition 117 (1):69-79.
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    Neural Processing of Repeated Search Targets Depends Upon the Stimuli: Real World Stimuli Engage Semantic Processing and Recognition Memory.Trafton Drew, Lauren H. Williams, Christopher Michael Jones & Roy Luria - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.