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  1. Verbatim Report of the Three Trials for Blasphemy of Mssrs. G.W. Foote, W.J. Ramsey, and H.A. Kemp Before Mr. Justice North and Common Juries on the 1st and 5th March 1883 at the Old Bailey and of Mssrs. Foote and Ramsey, Before the Lord Chief Justice of England, and a Special Jury, in the Queen's Bench, on April 24, 1883. [REVIEW]G. W. Foote, W. J. Ramsey & H. A. Kemp - 1883 - Progressive Publishing Co.
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  2. Why Socrates Died: Dispelling the Myths.Robin Waterfield - 2009 - Faber & Faber.
    The trial of Socrates -- Socrates in court -- How the system worked -- The charge of impiety -- The war years -- Alcibiades, Socrates, and the aristocratic milieu -- Pestilence and war -- The rise and fall of Alcibiades -- The end of the war -- Critias and Civil War --- Crisis and conflict -- Symptoms of change -- Reactions to intellectuals -- The condemnation of Socrates -- Socratic politics -- A cock for Asclepius.
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  3. The Trial and Execution of Socrates: Sources and Controversies.Thomas C. Brickhouse & Nicholas D. Smith (eds.) - 2001 - Oxford University Press.
    Socrates is one of the most important yet enigmatic philosophers of all time; his fame has endured for centuries despite the fact that he never actually wrote anything. In 399 B.C.E., he was tried on the charge of impiety by the citizens of Athens, convicted by a jury, and sentenced to death (ordered to drink poison derived from hemlock). About these facts there is no disagreement. However, as the sources collected in this book and the scholarly essays that follow them (...)
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