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  1. Skeptical Success.Troy Cross - 2010 - Oxford Studies in Epistemology 3:35-62.
    The following is not a successful skeptical scenario: you think you know you have hands, but maybe you don't! Why is that a failure, when it's far more likely than, say, the evil genius hypothesis? That's the question.<br><br>This is an earlier draft.
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  2. What is a Disposition?Troy Cross - 2005 - Synthese 144 (3):321-41.
    Attempts to capture the distinction between categorical and dispositional states in terms of more primitive modal notions – subjunctive conditionals, causal roles, or combinatorial principles – are bound to fail. Such failure is ensured by a deep symmetry in the ways dispositional and categorical states alike carry modal import. But the categorical/dispositional distinction should not be abandoned; it underpins important metaphysical disputes. Rather, it should be taken as a primitive, after which the doomed attempts at reductive explanation can be transformed (...)
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  3. Recent Work on Dispositions.Troy Cross - 2012 - Analysis 72 (1):115-124.
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  4. Goodbye, Humean Supervenience.Troy Cross - 2012 - Oxford Studies in Metaphysics 7:129-153.
    Reductionists about dispositions must either say the natural properties are all dispositional or individuate properties hyperintensionally. Lewis stands in as an example of the sort of combination I think is incoherent: properties individuated by modal profile + categoricalism.
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  5. Comments on Vogel.Troy Cross - 2007 - Philosophical Studies 134 (1):89 - 98.
  6. Review of Mumford and Anjum, Getting Causes From Powers. [REVIEW]Troy Cross - forthcoming - Dialectica.
  7. Grounding Relation(S): Introduction.Paul Hovda & Troy Cross - 2013 - Essays in Philosophy 14 (1):1-6.
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    Review of Groff and Greco, Powers and Capacities in Philosophy: The New Aristotelianism. [REVIEW]Troy Cross - 2013 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
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    Review of Marmodoro, Metaphysics of Powers: Their Grounding and Their Manifestations. [REVIEW]Troy Cross - 2012 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
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    Review of Rea, Michael, World Without Design: The Ontological Consequences of Naturalism[REVIEW]Troy Cross - 2003 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2003 (7).
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    Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum, Getting Causes From Powers, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2011, 272 Pp., GBP 36 , ISBN 978-0-19-969561-4. [REVIEW]Troy Cross - 2014 - Dialectica 68 (4):614-619.
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