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Uwe Reyle
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  1.  88
    From Discourse to Logic.Hans Kamp & Uwe Reyle - 1993 - Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
    Preface This book is about semantics and logic. More specifically, it is about the semantics and logic of natural language; and, even more specifically than ...
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    Dealing with Ambiguities by Underspecification: Construction, Representation and Deduction.Uwe Reyle - 1993 - Journal of Semantics 10 (2):123-179.
    In this paper we develop a theory of language meaning that represents scope ambiguities by underspecified structures. The set of possible meanings of a sentence, or text is determined by a set of meta-level constraints that restricts the class of semantic representations appropriately. Thus the way ambiguities are represented does not correspond to any of the usual concepts of formalizing ambiguities by means of disjunctions (of completely specified structures). A sound and complete proof theory is provided that relates these structures (...)
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  3.  57
    A Calculus for First Order Discourse Representation Structures.Hans Kamp & Uwe Reyle - 1996 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 5 (3-4):297-348.
    This paper presents a sound and complete proof system for the first order fragment of Discourse Representation Theory. Since the inferences that human language users draw from the verbal input they receive for the most transcend the capacities of such a system, it can be no more than a basis on which more powerful systems, which are capable of producing those inferences, may then be built. Nevertheless, even within the general setting of first order logic the structure of the formulas (...)
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  4.  58
    Ups and Downs in the Theory of Temporal Reference.Uwe Reyle, Antje Rossdeutscher & Hans Kamp - 2007 - Linguistics and Philosophy 30 (5):565-635.
    This paper proposes a method for computing the temporal aspects of the interpretations of a variety of Germa sentences. The method is strictly modular in the sense that it allows each meaning-bearing sentence constituent to make its own, separate, contribution to the semantic representation of any sentence containing it. The semantic representation of a sentence is reached in several stages. First, an ‘initial semantic representation’ is constructed, using a syntactic analysis of the sentence as input. This initial representation is then (...)
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  5. Direct Deductive Computation on Discourse Representation Structures.Uwe Reyle & Dov M. Gabbay - 1994 - Linguistics and Philosophy 17 (4):343 - 390.
  6.  53
    Labelled Resolution for Classical and Non-Classical Logics.D. M. Gabbay & U. Reyle - 1997 - Studia Logica 59 (2):179-216.
    Resolution is an effective deduction procedure for classical logic. There is no similar "resolution" system for non-classical logics (though there are various automated deduction systems). The paper presents resolution systems for intuistionistic predicate logic as well as for modal and temporal logics within the framework of labelled deductive systems. Whereas in classical predicate logic resolution is applied to literals, in our system resolution is applied to L(abelled) R(epresentation) S(tructures). Proofs are discovered by a refutation procedure defined on LRSs, that imposes (...)
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  7.  13
    Computation with Run Time Skolemisation (N-Prolog Part 3).D. M. Gabbay & U. Reyle - 1993 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 3 (1):93-128.
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  8. Logic, Language, and Reasoning Essays in Honour of Dov Gabbay.Dov M. Gabbay, Hans Jürgen Ohlbach & U. Reyle - 1999
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  9. From Discourse to Logic Introduction to Modeltheoretic Semantics of Natural Language, Formal Logic and Discourse Representation Theory.Hans Kamp & U. Reyle - 1993
  10.  10
    Underspecified Discourse Representation Structures and Their Logic.Uwe Reyle - 1995 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 3 (2-3):473-488.
    The paper adresses the problem of reasoning with ambiguities. Semantic representations are presented that leave scope relations between quantifiers and/or other operators unspecified. Truth conditions are provided for these representations and different consequence relations are judged on the basis of intuitive correctness. Finally inference patterns are presented that operate directly on these underspecified structures, i.e. do not rely on any translation into the set of their disambiguations.
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  11. Vagueness and Ambiguity in DRT.U. Reyle - forthcoming - Journal of Semantics.