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    Quantum Mechanics in a New Light.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2017 - Foundations of Science 22 (3):517-537.
    Although the present paper looks upon the formal apparatus of quantum mechanics as a calculus of correlations, it goes beyond a purely operationalist interpretation. Having established the consistency of the correlations with the existence of their correlata, and having justified the distinction between a domain in which outcome-indicating events occur and a domain whose properties only exist if their existence is indicated by such events, it explains the difference between the two domains as essentially the difference between the manifested world (...)
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  2. Why the Laws of Physics Are Just So.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2002 - Foundations of Physics 32 (8):1313-1324.
    Does a world that contains chemistry entail the validity of both the standard model of elementary particle physics and general relativity, at least as effective theories? This article shows that the answer may very well be affirmative. It further suggests that the very existence of stable, spatially extended material objects, if not the very existence of the physical world, may require the validity of these theories.
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    The World According to Quantum Mechanics (Or the 18 Errors of Henry P. Stapp).Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2002 - Foundations of Physics 32 (2):217-254.
    Several errors in Stapp's interpretation of quantum mechanics and its application to mental causation (Henry P. Stapp, “Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature,” Foundations of Physics 31, 1465–1499 (2001)) are pointed out. An interpretation of (standard) quantum mechanics that avoids these errors is presented.
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    Making Sense of a World of Clicks.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2002 - Foundations of Physics 32 (8):1295-1311.
    In a recent article, O. Ulfbeck and A. Bohr [Found. Phys. 31, 757 (2001)] have stressed the genuine fortuitousness of detector clicks, which has also been pointed out, in different terms, by the present author [Am. J. Phys. 68, 728 (2000)]. In spite of this basic agreement, the present article raises objections to the presuppositions and conclusions of Ulfbeck and Bohr, in particular their rejection of the terminology of indefinite variables, their identification of reality with “the world of experience,” their (...)
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    Manifesting the Quantum World.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2014 - Foundations of Physics 44 (6):641-677.
    In resisting attempts to explain the unity of a whole in terms of a multiplicity of interacting parts, quantum mechanics calls for an explanatory concept that proceeds in the opposite direction: from unity to multiplicity. Being part of the Scientific Image of the world, the theory concerns the process by which (the physical aspect of) what Sellars called the Manifest Image of the world comes into being. This process consists in the progressive differentiation of an intrinsically undifferentiated entity. By entering (...)
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    Do Quantum States Evolve? Apropos of Marchildon's Remarks.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2004 - Foundations of Physics 34 (1):75-97.
    Marchildon’s (favorable) assessment (quant-ph/0303170, to appear in Found. Phys.) of the Pondicherry interpretation of quantum mechanics raises several issues, which are addressed. Proceeding from the assumption that quantum mechanics is fundamentally a probability algorithm, this interpretation determines the nature of a world that is irreducibly described by this probability algorithm. Such a world features an objective fuzziness, which implies that its spatiotemporal differentiation does not “go all the way down”. This result is inconsistent with the existence of an evolving instantaneous (...)
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    Indian Psychology's Coming of Age.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2008 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 15 (5):121-126.
    Report on the National Seminar on Indian Psychology, Bangalore, December 2007, jointly organized by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research and the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana.
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    Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness: Fact and Fiction.Ulrich Mohrhoff - 2001