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  1. Augmenting Cognitive Architectures to Support Diagrammatic Imagination.Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, Bonny Banerjee, Unmesh Kurup & Omkar Lele - 2011 - Topics in Cognitive Science 3 (4):760-777.
    Diagrams are a form of spatial representation that supports reasoning and problem solving. Even when diagrams are external, not to mention when there are no external representations, problem solving often calls for internal representations, that is, representations in cognition, of diagrammatic elements and internal perceptions on them. General cognitive architectures—Soar and ACT-R, to name the most prominent—do not have representations and operations to support diagrammatic reasoning. In this article, we examine some requirements for such internal representations and processes in cognitive (...)
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    A Hypothalamic Digoxin-Mediated Model for Conscious and Subliminal Perception.Ravi K. Kurup & Parameswara A. Kurup - 2003 - International Journal of Neuroscience 113 (6):815-820.
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    Child Mortality Levels and Survival Patterns From Southern Sudan.Eric A. Roth & K. Balan Kurup - 1990 - Journal of Biosocial Science 22 (3):365-372.
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    Auditing the Audits: Are We Missing the Point?Harish V. Kurup, Andy McMurtrie & Steve Sarasin - 2007 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 13 (5):829-830.
  5. Tasan Ŭi Chaebalgyŏn: Tasan Ŭn Ŏttŏk'e Chosŏn Ch'oego Ŭi Haksul Kŭrup Ŭl Chojik Hago Unyŏng Haennŭn'ga?Min Chŏng - 2011 - Humanist.
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    An Eye-Tracking Study of Exploitations of Spatial Constraints in Diagrammatic Reasoning.Atsushi Shimojima & Yasuhiro Katagiri - 2013 - Cognitive Science 37 (2):211-254.
    Semantic studies on diagrammatic notations (Barwise & Etchemendy, ; Shimojima, ; Stenning & Lemon, ) have revealed that the “non-deductive,” “emergent,” or “perceptual” effects of diagrams (Chandrasekaran, Kurup, Banerjee, Josephson, & Winkler, ; Kulpa, ; Larkin & Simon, ; Lindsay, ) are all rooted in the exploitation of spatial constraints on graphical structures. Thus, theoretically, this process is a key factor in inference with diagrams, explaining the frequently observed reduction of inferential load. The purpose of this study was to (...)
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