1. Thinking Like a Wolf, a Sheep, or a Firefly: Learning Biology Through Constructing and Testing Computational Theories.Uri Wilensky & Kenneth Reisman - 2006 - Cognition & Instruction 24 (2):171-209.
    Biological phenomena can be investigated at multiple levels, from the molecular to the cellular to the organismic to the ecological. In typical biology instruction, these levels have been segregated. Yet, it is by examining the connections between such levels that many phenomena in biology, and complex systems in general, are best explained. We describe a computation-based approach that enables students to investigate the connections between different biological levels. Using agent-based, embodied modeling tools, students model the microrules underlying a biological phenomenon (...)
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    Reciprocity Between the Cerebellum and the Cerebral Cortex: Nonlinear Dynamics in Microscopic Modules for Generating Voluntary Motor Commands.Jun Wang, Gregory Dam, Sule Yildirim, William Rand, Uri Wilensky & James C. Houk - 2008 - Complexity 14 (2):29-45.
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