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    What and How Physics Contributes to Understanding the Periodic Law.V. N. Ostrovsky - 2001 - Foundations of Chemistry 3 (2):145-181.
    The current status of explanation worked out by Physics for the Periodic Law is considered from philosophical and methodological points of view. The principle gnosiological role of approximations and models in providing interpretation for complicated systems is emphasized. The achievements, deficiencies and perspectives of the existing quantum mechanical interpretation of the Periodic Table are discussed. The mainstream ab initio theory is based on analysis of selfconsistent one-electron effective potential. Alternative approaches employing symmetry considerations and applying group theory usually require some (...)
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    On Recent Discussion Concerning Quantum Justification of the Periodic Table of the Elements.V. N. Ostrovsky - 2005 - Foundations of Chemistry 7 (3):235-239.
    The recent exchange on the quantum justification of the Periodic System of the Elements in this Journal between Scerri [Foundations of Chemistry 6: 93–116, 2004] and Friedrich [Foundations of Chemistry 6: 117–132, 2004] is supplemented by some methodological comments.
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  3. Authors Index Volume 3.M. Chayut, J. Edwards, C. J. Giunta, U. Klein, H. Kragh, P. Laszlo, S. Le Vent, V. N. Ostrovsky, N. Psarros & S. Psillos - 2001 - Foundations of Chemistry 3 (273).