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  1. Navigation as a source of geometric knowledge: Young children’s use of length, angle, distance, and direction in a reorientation task.Sang Ah Lee, Valeria A. Sovrano & Elizabeth S. Spelke - 2012 - Cognition 123 (1):144-161.
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    Modularity and spatial reorientation in a simple mind: encoding of geometric and nongeometric properties of a spatial environment by fish.Valeria Anna Sovrano, Angelo Bisazza & Giorgio Vallortigara - 2002 - Cognition 85 (2):B51-B59.
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    Animals' use of landmarks and metric information to reorient: effects of the size of the experimental space.Valeria Anna Sovrano, Angelo Bisazza & Giorgio Vallortigara - 2005 - Cognition 97 (2):121-133.
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    A Detour Task in Four Species of Fishes.Valeria Anna Sovrano, Greta Baratti & Davide Potrich - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
    Four species of fish (Danio rerio, Xenotoca eiseni, Carassius auratus and Pterophyllum scalare) were tested in a detour task requiring them to temporarily abandon the view of the goal-object (a group of conspecifics) to circumvent an obstacle. Fishes were placed in the middle of a corridor, at the end of which there was an opaque wall with a small window through which the goal was visible. Midline along the corridor two symmetrical apertures allowed animals to access two compartments for each (...)
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    Conjoining information from different modules: A comparative perspective.Giorgio Vallortigara & Valeria Anna Sovrano - 2002 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (6):701-702.
    The hypothesis that nonhuman species, lacking verbal language, do not really integrate information from different modules, but use instead information sequentially, appears difficult to put under empirical scrutiny. Evidence is discussed showing that in nonhuman species storing of geometric information occurs spontaneously even when landmark information suffices for spatial reorientation, suggesting simultaneous encoding, if not use, of information from different modules.
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