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    Introduction to the Special Issue: What Are Religious Beliefs?Thomas J. Coleman Iii, Jonathan Jong & Valerie van Mulukom - 2018 - Contemporary Pragmatism 15 (3):279-283.
  2. Exploring the Relationship Between Church Worship, Social Bonding and Moral Values.Jennifer E. Brown, Valerie van Mulukom, Jonathan Jong, Fraser Watts & Miguel Farias - 2022 - Archive for the Psychology of Religion 44 (1):3-22.
    Religion is often understood to play a positive role in shaping moral attitudes among believers. We assessed the relationship between church members’ levels of felt connectedness to their respective congregations and perceived similarity in personal and congregational moral values, and whether there was a relationship between these and the amount of time spent in synchronous movement or singing during worship. The similarity between personal and perceived congregational moral importance was correlated with feelings of closeness to one’s congregation but not by (...)
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  3. The Evolution of Music as Artistic Cultural Innovation Expressing Intuitive Thought Symbolically.Valerie van Mulukom - 2021 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 44.
    Music is an artistic cultural innovation, and therefore it may be considered as intuitive thought expressed in symbols, which can efficiently convey multiple meanings in learning, thinking, and transmission, selected for and passed on through cultural evolution. The symbolic system has personal adaptive benefits besides social ones, which should not be overlooked even if music may tend more to the latter.
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