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Vera Hoffmann-Kolss
University of Cologne
  1.  74
    Supervenience of Extrinsic Properties.Vera Hoffmann & Albert Newen - 2007 - Erkenntnis 67 (2):305-319.
    The aim of this paper is to define a notion of supervenience which can adequately describe the systematic dependence of extrinsic as well as of intrinsic higher-level properties on base-level features. We argue that none of the standard notions of supervenience—the concepts of weak, strong and global supervenience—fulfil this function. The concept of regional supervenience, which is purported to improve on the standard conceptions, turns out to be problematic as well. As a new approach, we develop the notion of property-dependent (...)
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  2. Can Heil's Ontological Conception Accommodate Complex Properties?Vera Hoffmann - 2006 - In Michael Esfeld (ed.), John Heil. Symposium on his Ontological Point of View. ontos verlag.
    A central tenet of Heil's ontological conception is a no-levels account of reality, according to which there is just one class of basic properties and relations, while all higher-level entities are configurations of these base-level entities. I argue that if this picture is not to collapse into an eliminativist picture of the world – which, I contend, should be avoided –, Heil's ontological framework has to be supplemented by an independent theory of which configurations of basic entities should count as (...)
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    Preface to Mental Causation, Externalism and Self-Knowledge.Albert Newen, Vera Hoffmann & Michael Esfeld - 2007 - Erkenntnis 67 (2):147-148.