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    The Mind Reduced to Molecules?Verena Gottschling - 2005 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 4 (3):279-283.
    According to Bickle, certain empirical results demonstrate that the bottom-up reduction of phychological concepts to the concepts of neuroscience has already been accomplished. I argue that this conclusion is hasty. Bickle claims that all high-level investigations depend on a mistake. I argue that this overstates the explanatory character of neuroscientific findings. Bickle's assessment is highly optimistic, but he is far from making a decisive argument. Those who wait for a full-blown reductionism will have to wait a little longer.
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    Keeping the Conversational Score: Constraints for an Optimal Contextualist Answer?Verena Gottschling - 2004 - Erkenntnis 61 (2-3):295-314.
    Conversational contextualism states that the truth-conditions expressed by knowledge-attributing sentences vary relative to the context of utterance. This context is determined partly by different standards the person involved must meet in order to make the sentence true. I am concerned with the question of how these standards can be raised or lowered, and especially what happens to the standards and the conversational score when parties in a discussion push the conversational scores in different directions. None of the available options for (...)
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    Functional Versus Real Space: Is Pictorialism Hopeless?Verena Gottschling - 2002 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (2):193-194.
    Pylyshyn raises hot topics like the number and kinds of pictorialist theories there are and their explanatory power. Pylyshyn states that pictorialists have only two possibilities – they can posit either “only functional” images or “really spatial” images – and that neither of these possibilities is convincing or sufficient in explanatory power for empirical and theoretical reasons. Is pictorialism, in principle, untenable?
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