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    Cognitive Skills in Bottlenose Dolphin Communication.Vincent M. Janik - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (4):157-159.
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    Understanding Culture Across Species.Richard W. Byrne, Philip J. Barnard, Iain Davidson, Vincent M. Janik, William C. McGrew, Ádam Miklósi & Polly Wiessner - 2004 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 (8):341-346.
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    Is Cetacean Social Learning Unique?Vincent M. Janik - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (2):337-338.
    Studies on captive dolphins have shown that they are capable of social learning. However, ethnographic data are less conclusive and many examples given for social learning can be explained in other ways. Before we can claim that cetacean culture is unique we need more rigorous studies which are fortunately not as difficult as Rendell and Whitehead seem to think.
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