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  1. How Rich is Consciousness? The Partial Awareness Hypothesis.Sid Kouider, Vincent de Gardelle, Jérôme Sackur & Emmanuel Dupoux - 2010 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (7):301-307.
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    Perceptual Illusions in Brief Visual Presentations.Vincent de Gardelle, Jérôme Sackur & Sid Kouider - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (3):569-577.
    We often feel that our perceptual experience is richer than what we can express. For instance, when flashed with a large set of letters, we feel that we can see them all, while we can report only a few. However, the nature of this subjective impression remains highly debated: while many favour a dissociation between two forms of consciousness , others contend that the richness of phenomenal experience is a mere illusion. Here we addressed this question with a classical partial-report (...)
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    Do We Still Need Phenomenal Consciousness? Comment on Block.Sid Kouider, Jérôme Sackur & Vincent de Gardelle - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (3):140-141.
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    Vagueness and Order Effects in Color Categorization.Paul Egré, Vincent de Gardelle & David Ripley - 2013 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 22 (4):391-420.
    This paper proposes an experimental investigation of the use of vague predicates in dynamic sorites. We present the results of two studies in which subjects had to categorize colored squares at the borderline between two color categories (Green vs. Blue, Yellow vs. Orange). Our main aim was to probe for hysteresis in the ordered transitions between the respective colors, namely for the longer persistence of the initial category. Our main finding is a reverse phenomenon of enhanced contrast (i.e. negative hysteresis), (...)
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    Partial Awareness and the Illusion of Phenomenal Consciousness.Sid Kouider, Vincent de Gardelle, Emmanuel Dupoux & Ned Block - 2007 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 30 (5):510-510.
    The dissociation Block provides between phenomenal and access consciousness (P-consciousness and A-consciousness) captures much of our intuition about conscious experience. However, it raises a major methodological puzzle, and is not uniquely supported by the empirical evidence. We provide an alternative interpretation based on the notion of levels of representation and partial awareness.
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  6. Confidence as a Common Currency Between Vision and Audition.Vincent de Gardelle, Francois Le Corre & Pascal Mamassian - 2016 - PLoS ONE 11 (1).
    The idea of a common currency underlying our choice behaviour has played an important role in sciences of behaviour, from neurobiology to psychology and economics. However, while it has been mainly investigated in terms of values, with a common scale on which goods would be evaluated and compared, the question of a common scale for subjective probabilities and confidence in particular has received only little empirical investigation so far. The present study extends previous work addressing this question, by showing that (...)
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    Perceptual Awareness and Categorical Representation of Faces: Evidence From Masked Priming.Vincent de Gardelle, Lucie Charles & Sid Kouider - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1272-1281.
    How internal categories influence how we perceive the world is a fundamental question in cognitive sciences. Yet, the relation between perceptual awareness and perceptual categorization has remained largely uncovered so far. Here, we addressed this question by focusing on face perception during subliminal and conscious perception. We used morphed continua between two face identities and we assessed, through a masked priming paradigm, the perceptual processing of these morphed faces under subliminal and supraliminal conditions. We found that priming from subliminal faces (...)
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    Overlapping Multivoxel Patterns for Two Levels of Visual Expectation.Vincent de Gardelle, Mark Stokes, Vanessa M. Johnen, Valentin Wyart & Christopher Summerfield - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.
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    Metacognitive Improvement: Disentangling Adaptive Training From Experimental Confounds.Martin Rouy, Vincent de Gardelle, Gabriel Reyes, Jérôme Sackur, Jean Christophe Vergnaud, Elisa Filevich & Nathan Faivre - forthcoming - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
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