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  1. Fibring Non-Truth-Functional Logics: Completeness Preservation.C. Caleiro, W. A. Carnielli, M. E. Coniglio, A. Sernadas & C. Sernadas - 2003 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 12 (2):183-211.
    Fibring has been shown to be useful for combining logics endowed withtruth-functional semantics. However, the techniques used so far are unableto cope with fibring of logics endowed with non-truth-functional semanticsas, for example, paraconsistent logics. The first main contribution of thepaper is the development of a suitable abstract notion of logic, that mayalso encompass systems with non-truth-functional connectives, and wherefibring can still be dealt with. Furthermore, it is shown that thisextended notion of fibring preserves completeness under certain reasonableconditions. This completeness transfer (...)
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    Transfers Between Logics and Their Applications.M. E. Coniglio & W. A. Carnielli - 2002 - Studia Logica 72 (3):367-400.
    In this paper, logics are conceived as two-sorted first-order structures, and we argue that this broad definition encompasses a wide class of logics with theoretical interest as well as interest from the point of view of applications. The language, concepts and methods of model theory can thus be used to describe the relationship between logics through morphisms of structures called transfers. This leads to a formal framework for studying several properties of abstract logics and their attributes such as consequence operator, (...)
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    Possible-Translations Algebraization for Paraconsistent Logics.Juliana Bueno-Soler & W. A. Carnielli - 2005 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 34 (2):77-92.
  4. The Many Sides of Logic.W. A. Carnielli (ed.) - 2009 - College Publications.
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    Index of Authors of Volume 12.D. Ahn, G. Ben-Avi, D. Ben Shalom, Ph Besnard, K. Borthen, C. Caleiro, W. A. Carnielli, M. E. Coniglio, R. Cooper & N. Dimitri - 2003 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 12 (531):531.
  6. An algorithm for axiomatizing and theorem proving in finite many - valued propositional logics.W. A. Carnielli - 1985 - Logique Et Analyse 28 (12):363.
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