1. Determinism and locality in quantum systems.W. Michael Dickson - 1996 - Synthese 107 (1):55 - 82.
    Models of the EPR-Bohm experiment usually consider just two times, an initial time, and the time of measurement. Within such analyses, it has been argued that locality is equivalent to determinism, given the strict correlations of quantum mechanics. However, an analysis based on such models is only a preliminary to an analysis based on a complete dynamical model. The latter analysis is carried out, and it is shown that, given certain definitions of locality and determinism for completely dynamical models, locality (...)
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    Is there really no projection postulate in the modal interpretation?W. Michael Dickson - 1995 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 46 (2):197-218.
    Modal interpretations of quantum mechanics admit two kinds of state: physical states, which specify the values of observables on a system, and theoretical states, which specify a probability distribution over possible physical states. They appear to use this distinction to deny the projection postulate, claiming that collapse corresponds only to a change from discussing the theoretical state to discussing the physical state. I argue that modal interpretations should adopt a projection postulate at the level of the theoretical state. However, other (...)
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    Able, Kenneth P. Gathering of Angels: Migrating Birds and their Ecology. Ithaca: Cornell Univerity Press, 1999. Pp. xi+ 193. Ariew, Roger. Descartes and the Scholastics. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999. Pp. xi+ 230. $42.50 (cloth). Basos, Cristiana. Global Responses to AIDS: Science in Emergency. Bloom. [REVIEW]Michel Blay, Randall Collins, Robert P. Crease & W. Michael Dickson - 1999 - Perspectives on Science 7 (2).
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