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  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia A Seven-Country Study of CSR Web Site Reporting.Wendy Chapple & Jeremy Moon - 2005 - Business and Society 44 (4):415-441.
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    Unpacking the Drivers of Corporate Social Performance: A Multilevel, Multistakeholder, and Multimethod Analysis.Marc Orlitzky, Céline Louche, Jean-Pascal Gond & Wendy Chapple - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 144 (1):21-40.
    The question of what drives corporate social performance has become a vital concern for many managers and researchers of large corporations. This study addresses this question by adopting a multilevel, multistakeholder, and multimethod approach to theorize and estimate the relative influence of macro, meso, and micro factors on CSP. Applying three different methods of variance decomposition analysis to an international sample of 2060 large public companies over a time span of 5 years, our results show that firm-level factors explain the (...)
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    Carrot and Stick? The Role of Financial Market Intermediaries in Corporate Social Performance.Wendy Chapple & Rieneke Slager - 2016 - Business and Society 55 (3):398-426.
    This article examines the role of intermediaries in financial markets in fostering corporate sustainability. Responsible investment indices have been primarily identified as intermediaries that provide information regarding corporate social performance for investors and other stakeholders. The authors argue that the role of these intermediaries is not confined solely to information provision, but they may also incentivize high levels of CSP through mechanisms such as exclusion threats, signaling, and engagement. The authors rely on unique access to the archives of the FTSE4Good (...)
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  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia: A Seven-Country Study of CSR W.Jeremy Moon & Wendy Chapple - 2005 - Business and Society 44 (4).
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    An Integrated Approach to Implementing ‹Community Participation’ in Corporate Community Involvement: Lessons from Magadi Soda Company in Kenya.Judy N. Muthuri, Wendy Chapple & Jeremy Moon - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 85 (S2):431-444.
    Corporate community involvement is often regarded as means of development in developing countries. However, CCI is often criticised for patronage and insensitivity both to context and local priorities. A key concern is the extent of 'community participation' in corporate social decision-making. Community participation in CCI offers an opportunity for these criticisms to be addressed. This paper presents findings of research examining community participation in CCI governance undertaken by Magadi Soda Company in Kenya. We draw on socio-political governance and interaction theories (...)
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    Lights Off, Spot On: Carbon Literacy Training Crossing Boundaries in the Television Industry.Wendy Chapple, Petra Molthan-Hill, Rachel Welton & Michael Hewitt - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 162 (4):813-834.
    Proclaimed the “greenest television programme in the world,” the award-winning soap opera Coronation Street is seen as an industry success story. This paper explores how the integration of carbon literacy training led to a widespread transformational change of practice within Coronation Street. Using the theoretical lens of Communities of Practice, this study examines the nature of social learning and the enablers and barriers to change within the organization. Specifically, how boundary spanning practices, objects and people led to the transformation on (...)
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  7. Behind the mask: Revealing the true face of corporate citizenship. [REVIEW]Dirk Matten, Andrew Crane & Wendy Chapple - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 45 (1-2):109 - 120.
    This paper traces the development of corporate citizenship as a way of framing business and society relations, and critically examines the content of contemporary understandings of the term. These conventional views of corporate citizenship are argued to contribute little or nothing to existing notions of corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy. The paper then proposes a new direction, which particularly exposes the element of "citizenship". Being a political concept, citizenship can only be reasonably understood from that theoretical angle. This suggests (...)
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