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    Justice, Posterity, and the Environment.Wilfred Beckerman & Joanna Pasek - 2001 - Oxford University Press.
    This volume provides a thought-provoking critique the main, existing school of environmental ethics and seeks to build a more coherent and rigorous philosophical basis for future environmental policy.
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    'Sustainable Development': Is it a Useful Concept?Wilfred Beckerman - 1994 - Environmental Values 3 (3):191 - 209.
    It is argued that 'sustainable development' has been defined in such a way as to be either morally repugnant or logically redundant. 'Strong' sustainability, overriding all other considerations, is morally unacceptable as well as totally impractical; and 'weak' sustainability, in which compensation is made for resources consumed, offers nothing beyond traditional economic welfare maximisation. The 'sustainability' requirement that human well-being should never be allowed to decline is shown to be irrational. Welfare economics can accommodate distributional considerations, and, suitably defined, the (...)
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    How Would you Like your 'Sustainability', Sir? Weak or Strong? A Reply to my Critics.Wilfred Beckerman - 1995 - Environmental Values 4 (2):169 - 179.
    This article concentrates on the Jacobs and Daly criticisms (Environmental Values, Spring 1994) of my earlier article in the same journal (Autumn 1994) criticising the concept of 'sustainable development'. Daly and Jacobs agreed with my criticisms of 'weak' sustainability, but defended 'strong' sustainability on the grounds that natural and manmade capital were 'complements' in the productive process and that economists are wrong, therefore, in assuming that they are infinitely substitutable. This article maintains that they are confusing different concepts of 'complementarity' (...)
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    The impossibility of a theory of intergenerational justice.Wilfred Beckerman - 2006 - In Tremmel J. (ed.), The Handbook of Intergenerational Justice. Edward Elgar. pp. 53--71.
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    Plural Values and Environmental Valuation.Wilfred Beckerman & Joanna Pasek - 1997 - Environmental Values 6 (1):65 - 86.
    The paper discusses some of the criticisms of contingent valuation (CV) and allied techniques for estimating the intensity of peoples' preferences for the environment. The weakness of orthodox utilitarian assumptions in economics concerning the commensurability of all items entering into peoples' choices is discussed. The concept of commensurability is explored as is the problem of rational choice between incommensurate alternatives. While the frequent claim that the environment has some unique moral intrinsic value is unsustainable, its preservation often raises ethical and (...)
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    Debate: Intergenerational equity and the environment.Wilfred Beckerman - 1997 - Journal of Political Philosophy 5 (4):392–405.
  7. Sustainable Development and Our Obligations to Future.Wilfred Beckerman - 1999 - In Andrew Dobson (ed.), Fairness and Futurity: Essays on Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice. Oxford University Press.
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  8. Plural Values and Environmental Evaluation.Wilfred Beckerman, Joanna Pasek & Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment - 1996 - Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment.
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  9. Review of Counting the Cost of Global Warming. [REVIEW]Wilfred Beckerman & Joanna Pasek - 1992 - Environmental Values 1 (4).
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  10. Review of Valuing Nature? Ethics, Economics and the Environment. [REVIEW]Wilfred Beckerman - 2000 - Environmental Values 9.
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    B. Sustainability and Development 'Sustainable Development.Wilfred Beckerman - forthcoming - Environmental Ethics.
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    Economic growth and welfare.Wilfred Beckerman - 1973 - Minerva 11 (4):495-515.