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Wilhelm Verwoerd [4]Wilhelm Johannes Verwoerd [1]
  1.  69
    The Promise and Pitfalls of Apology.Trudy Govier & Wilhelm Verwoerd - 2002 - Journal of Social Philosophy 33 (1):67–82.
  2. Looking Back Reaching Forward: Reflections on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa.Charles Villa-Vicencio, Wilhelm Verwoerd, Robert I. Rotberg & Dennis Thompson - 2003 - Hypatia 18 (2):189-196.
  3.  40
    Trust and the Problem of National Reconciliation.Trudy Govier & Wilhelm Verwoerd - 2002 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 32 (2):178-205.
    The authors propose a conception of national reconciliation based on the building or rebuilding of trust between parties alienated by conflict. It is by no means obvious what reconciliation between large groups of people amounts to in practice or how it should be understood in theory. Lack of conceptual clarity can be illustrated with particular reference to postapartheid South Africa, where reconciliation between whites and blacks was a major goal of the Mandela government and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The (...)
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    Forgiveness: The Victim's Prerogative.Trudy Govier & Wilhelm Verwoerd - 2002 - South African Journal of Philosophy 21 (2):97-111.
    This article explores and offers a qualified defence of the claim that the entitlement to forgive a wrongdoer belongs to the victim of the wrong. A summary account of forgiveness is given, followed by arguments in favor of the victim's prerogative to forgive. Primary, or direct victims are then distinguished from secondary and tertiary ones, which point to a plurality of prerogatives to forgive. In cases of conflicts between these prerogatives it is emphasized that special care should be taken to (...)
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