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    Will Rasmussen (2009). The Realism of Universals in Plato and Nyāya. Journal of Indian Philosophy 37 (3):231-252.
    It has become commonplace in introductions to Indian philosophy to construe Plato’s discussion of forms (εἶδος/ἰδέα) and the treatment in Nyāya and Vaiśeṣika of universals ( sāmānya/jāti ) as addressing the same philosophical issue, albeit in somewhat different ways. While such a comparison of the similarities and differences has interest and value as an initial reconnaissance of what each says about common properties, an examination of the roles that universals play in the rest of their philosophical enquiries vitiates this commonplace. (...)
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    Will Rasmussen (2009). The Nicomachean Ethics (R.) Burger Aristotle's Dialogue with Socrates on the Nicomachean Ethics. Pp. Viii + 309. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2008. Cased, £18, US$35. ISBN: 978-0-226-08050-. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 59 (02):390-.
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    Will S. Rasmussen (2006). The Shape of Ancient Thought (Review). Philosophy East and West 56 (1):182-191.
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    Will Rasmussen (2005). Whose Platonism? International Journal of Hindu Studies 9 (1-3):131-152.
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    Will Rasmussen (2008). Review of David Wolfsdorf, Trials of Reason: Plato and the Crafting of Philosophy. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2008 (5).
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  6. Will Rasmussen (2006). Resolving Inconsistencies in Plato: The Problem of Socratic Wisdom in the Apology and the Charmides. Dissertation, King's College London
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