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    The Positions of Lanthanum and Lutetium in the Periodic Table: An Update.William B. Jensen - 2015 - Foundations of Chemistry 17 (1):23-31.
    This article updates the author’s 1982 argument that lutetium and lawrencium, rather than lanthanum and actinium, should be assigned to the d-block as the heavier analogs of scandium and yttrium, whereas lanthanum and actinium should be considered as the first members of the f-block with irregular configurations. This update is embedded within a detailed analysis of Lavelle’s abortive 2008 attempt to discredit this suggestion.
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    Some Recollections of Gap Jumping. Derek H. R. BartonFrom Design to Discovery. Donald J. CramSteroids Made It Possible. Carl DjerassiFrom Cologne to Chapel Hill. Ernest L. ElielEnjoying Organic Chemistry. Egbert HavingaExplorations with Sugars: How Sweet It Was. Raymond U. LemieuxMy 132 Semesters of Chemistry Studies: Studium Chymiae Nec Nisi Cum Morte Finitur. Vladimir Prelog, Otto Theodor Benfey, David GinsburgThe Right Place at the Right Time. John D. Roberts. [REVIEW]William B. Jensen - 1992 - Isis 83 (4):685-687.
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    Helge Kragh. Julius Thomsen: A Life in Chemistry and Beyond. 404 Pp., Figs., Bibl., Index. Copenhagen: Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, 2016. DKK 280. [REVIEW]William B. Jensen - 2018 - Isis 109 (1):187-188.
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