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    An Effective Strategy for Integrating Ethics Across the Curriculum in Engineering: An ABET 2000 Challenge.José A. Cruz & William J. Frey - 2003 - Science and Engineering Ethics 9 (4):543-568.
    This paper describes a one-day workshop format for introducing ethics into the engineering curriculum prepared at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM). It responds to the ethics criteria newly integrated into the accreditation process by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). It also employs an ethics across the curriculum (EAC) approach; engineers identify the ethical issues, write cases that dramatize these issues, and then develop exercises making use of these cases that are specially tailored to mainstream (...)
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    Teaching Virtue: Pedagogical Implications of Moral Psychology. [REVIEW]William J. Frey - 2010 - Science and Engineering Ethics 16 (3):611-628.
    Moral exemplar studies of computer and engineering professionals have led ethics teachers to expand their pedagogical aims beyond moral reasoning to include the skills of moral expertise. This paper frames this expanded moral curriculum in a psychologically informed virtue ethics. Moral psychology provides a description of character distributed across personality traits, integration of moral value into the self system, and moral skill sets. All of these elements play out on the stage of a social surround called a moral ecology. Expanding (...)
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    Ethics Across the Curriculum—Pedagogical Perspectives.Elaine E. Englehardt, Michael S. Pritchard, Robert Baker, Michael D. Burroughs, José A. Cruz-Cruz, Randall Curren, Michael Davis, Aine Donovan, Deni Elliott, Karin D. Ellison, Challie Facemire, William J. Frey, Joseph R. Herkert, Karlana June, Robert F. Ladenson, Christopher Meyers, Glen Miller, Deborah S. Mower, Lisa H. Newton, David T. Ozar, Alan A. Preti, Wade L. Robison, Brian Schrag, Alan Tomhave, Phyllis Vandenberg, Mark Vopat, Sandy Woodson, Daniel E. Wueste & Qin Zhu - 2018 - Springer Verlag.
    Late in 1990, the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at Illinois Institute of Technology (lIT) received a grant of more than $200,000 from the National Science Foundation to try a campus-wide approach to integrating professional ethics into its technical curriculum.! Enough has now been accomplished to draw some tentative conclusions. I am the grant's principal investigator. In this paper, I shall describe what we at lIT did, what we learned, and what others, especially philosophers, can learn (...)
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    Engineering Ethics in Puerto Rico: Issues and Narratives.William J. Frey & Efraín O’Neill-Carrillo - 2008 - Science and Engineering Ethics 14 (3):417-431.
    This essay discusses engineering ethics in Puerto Rico by examining the impact of the Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR) and by outlining the constellation of problems and issues identified in workshops and retreats held with Puerto Rican engineers. Three cases developed and discussed in these workshops will help outline movements in engineering ethics beyond the compliance perspective of the CIAPR. These include the Town Z case, Copper Mining in Puerto Rico, and a hypothetical case researched by (...)
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    Doing Ethics Across The Curriculum: The Eac Toolkit.José A. Cruz-Cruz, Aury M. Curbelo & William J. Frey - 2010 - Teaching Ethics 10 (2):47-69.
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    Doing Ethics Across The Curriculum.José A. Cruz-Cruz, Aury M. Curbelo & William J. Frey - 2010 - Teaching Ethics 10 (2):47-69.
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    Commentary on “Kelly’s Cosmetic Surgery”.William J. Frey - 2007 - Teaching Ethics 7 (2):111-115.
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    Teaching Responsibility.William J. Frey - 2015 - Teaching Ethics 15 (2):317-336.
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    Accepting the Likelihood of Ambiguity and Disagreement on Moral Matters: Transitioning Into the “Gray World”.Carlos Ríos-Velázquez, William J. Frey, Erika Jaramillo-Giraldo & Morgan Echeverry-Solarte - 2013 - Teaching Ethics 13 (2):55-72.
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