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    Security of infantile attachment as assessed in the “strange situation”: Its study and biological interpretation.Michael E. Lamb, Ross A. Thompson, William P. Gardner, Eric L. Charnov & David Estes - 1984 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7 (1):127-147.
    The Strange Situation procedure was developed by Ainsworth two decades agoas a means of assessing the security of infant-parent attachment. Users of the procedureclaim that it provides a way of determining whether the infant has developed species-appropriate adaptive behavior as a result of rearing in an evolutionary appropriate context, characterized by a sensitively responsive parent. Only when the parent behaves in the sensitive, species-appropriate fashion is the baby said to behave in the adaptive or secure fashion. Furthermore, when infants are (...)
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    The silent majority: Who speaks at IRB meetings.Philip J. Candilis, Charles W. Lidz, Paul S. Appelbaum, Robert M. Arnold, William P. Gardner, Suzanne Myers, Albert J. Grudzinskas Jr & Lorna J. Simon - 2012 - IRB: Ethics & Human Research 34 (4):15-20.
    Institutional review boards are almost universally considered to be overworked and understaffed. They also require substantial commitments of time and resources from their members. Although some surveys report average IRB memberships of 15 people or more, federal regulations require only five. We present data on IRB meetings at eight of the top 25 academic medical centers in the United States funded by the National Institutes of Health. These data indicate substantial contributions from primary reviewers and chairs during protocol discussions but (...)
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    Convergent approaches to understanding strange situation behavior.Michael E. Lamb, Ross A. Thompson, William P. Gardner & Eric L. Charnov - 1986 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 9 (3):559-561.
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    Studying the security of infant-adult attachment: A reprise.Michael E. Lamb, William P. Gardner, Eric L. Charnov, Ross A. Thompson & David Estes - 1984 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7 (1):163-171.