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    The Structure of Autocatalytic Sets: Evolvability, Enablement, and Emergence.Wim Hordijk, Mike Steel & Stuart Kauffman - 2012 - Acta Biotheoretica 60 (4):379-392.
    This paper presents new results from a detailed study of the structure of autocatalytic sets. We show how autocatalytic sets can be decomposed into smaller autocatalytic subsets, and how these subsets can be identified and classified. We then argue how this has important consequences for the evolvability, enablement, and emergence of autocatalytic sets. We end with some speculation on how all this might lead to a generalized theory of autocatalytic sets, which could possibly be applied to entire ecologies or even (...)
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    The EvCA project: A brief history.Wim Hordijk - 2013 - Complexity 18 (5):15-19.
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    A History of Autocatalytic Sets: A Tribute to Stuart Kauffman.Wim Hordijk - 2019 - Biological Theory 14 (4):224-246.
    This year we celebrated Stuart Kauffman’s 80th birthday. Kauffman has contributed many original ideas to science. One of them is that of autocatalytic sets in the context of the origin of life. An autocatalytic set is a self-sustaining chemical reaction network in which all the molecules mutually catalyze each other’s formation from a basic food source. This notion is often seen as a “counterargument” against the dominant genetics-first view of the origin of life, focusing more on metabolism instead. The original (...)
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    Correlation analysis of coupled fitness landscapes.Wim Hordijk & Stuart A. Kauffman - 2005 - Complexity 10 (6):41-49.
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    Evolution: Limited and Predictable or Unbounded and Lawless?Wim Hordijk - 2016 - Biological Theory 11 (4):187-191.
    In this brief commentary I compare and contrast two different views of evolution: one of limited (convergent) evolution and mathematical predictability, and one of unbounded diversity and no entailing laws. Clearly these opposing views cannot both be true at the same time. Their disagreement seems to rest on different underlying assumptions, and the challenge is to see if they can be reconciled.
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