1. Mereology in Leibniz's Logic and Philosophy.Hans Burkhardt & Wolfgang Degen - 1990 - Topoi 9 (1):3-13.
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    GOL: A General Ontological Language.Wolfgang Degen, Barbara Heller, Heinrich Herre & Barry Smith - 2001 - In C. Welty B. Smith (ed.), Formal Ontology and Information Systems. Acm Press.
    Every domain-specific ontology must use as a framework some upper-level ontology which describes the most general, domain-independent categories of reality. In the present paper we sketch a new type of upper-level ontology, which is intended to be the basis of a knowledge modelling language GOL (for: 'General Ontological Language'). It turns out that the upper- level ontology underlying standard modelling languages such as KIF, F-Logic and CycL is restricted to the ontology of sets. Set theory has considerable mathematical power and (...)
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    Factors of Functions, AC and Recursive Analogues.Wolfgang Degen - 2002 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 48 (1):73-86.
    We investigate certain statements about factors of unary functions which have connections with weak forms of the axiom of choice. We discuss more extensively the fine structure of Howard and Rubin's Form 314 from [4]. Some of our set-theoretic results have also interesting recursive versions.
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