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    Alpha-band oscillations, attention, and controlled access to stored information.Wolfgang Klimesch - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (12):606.
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    Activation of long-term memory by alpha oscillations in a working-memory task?Wolfgang Klimesch & Bärbel Schack - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (6):743-743.
    We focus on the functional specificity of theta and alpha oscillations and show that theta is related to working memory, whereas alpha is related to semantic long-term memory. Recent studies, however, indicate that alpha oscillations also play an important role during short-term memory retention and retrieval. This latter finding provides support for the basic hypothesis suggested by Ruchkin et al.
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  3. Books etcetera-brain function and oscillations II: Integrative brain function. Neurophysiology and cognitive processes.Wolfgang Klimesch - 1999 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 3 (6):207-215.
  4. Brain Function and Oscillations, Vol. II: Integrative Brain Function. Neurophysiology and Cognitive Processes, edited by Erol Basar. [REVIEW]Wolfgang Klimesch - 1999 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 3 (6):244-244.
  5. Binding principles in the theta frequency range.Wolfgang Klimesch - 2006 - In Hubert Zimmer, Axel Mecklinger & Ulman Lindenberger (eds.), Handbook of Binding and Memory: Perspectives From Cognitive Neuroscience. Oxford University Press.
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    The functional meaning of reverberations for sensoric and contextual encoding.Wolfgang Klimesch - 1995 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 18 (4):636-636.
    Amit argues that the local neuronal spike rate that persists (reverberating) in the absence of the eliciting stimulus represents the code of the eliciting stimulus. Based on the general argument that the inferred functional meaning of reverberation depends in part on the type of representational assumptions, reverberations may only be important for the encoding of contextual information.
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