1. Ethical Dimensions of Global Development.William Galston, David A. Crocker, Stephen L. Esquith, Xiaorong Li, Roland Pierik & Herman E. Daly (eds.) - 2006 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    As a broad concept, 'globalization' denotes the declining significance of national boundaries. At a deeper level, globalization is the proposition that nation-states are losing the power to control what occurs within their borders and that what transpires across borders is rising in relative significance. The Ethical Dimensions of Global Development: An Introduction, the fifth book in Rowman & Littlefield's Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy Studies series, discusses key questions concerning globalization and its implications, including: Can general ethical principles be (...)
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    Ethics, Human Rights, and Culture: Beyond Relativism and Universalism.Xiaorong Li - 2005 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Is it possible, given culturally incongruent perspectives, to validate any common standards of behavior? Is it possible to implement human rights in societies without incorporating the idea into their fabric of culture? Is it possible for cultural communities to survive in the contemporary world without rights protection? This book addresses questions like these in the light of an inventive and original understanding of culture.
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    A Critique of Rawls's 'Freestanding'Justice.Xiaorong Li - 1995 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 12 (3):263-271.