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    TEM Spectroscopy Study of Electronic Structures of Quasicrystals and Approximants.M. Terauchi, Y. Uemichi, H. Ueda, A. P. Tsai, T. Takeuchi & U. Mizutani - 2007 - Philosophical Magazine 87 (18-21):2947-2955.
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    Influencing and Adjusting in Daily Emotional Situations: A Comparison of European and Asian American Action Styles.Michael Boiger, Batja Mesquita, Annie Y. Tsai & Hazel Markus - 2012 - Cognition and Emotion 26 (2):332-340.
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    Ab Initioreconstruction of P-Type Icosahedral Zn–Mg–Ho Quasicrystal Structures.H. Takakura, A. Yamamoto, T. J. Sato, A. P. Tsai, Y. Ozawa, N. Yasuda & K. Toriumi - 2006 - Philosophical Magazine 86 (3-5):621-627.
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    Conscious Mental Tasks and Their EEG Signals.S. Lin, Y. Tsai & C. Liou - 1993 - Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 31:421-26.
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    Atomic Pair Distribution Function Analysis of Raney Pd and Rh Fine Particles.R. Murao, K. Sugiyama, Y. Kashiwagi, S. Kameoka & A. P. Tsai - 2011 - Philosophical Magazine 91 (19-21):2954-2961.
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    Solidification of Tin on Quasicrystalline Surfaces.Alok Singh, H. Somekawa, Y. Matsushita & A. P. Tsai - 2012 - Philosophical Magazine 92 (9):1106-1128.
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    Decidability of General Extensional Mereology.Hsing-Chien Tsai - 2013 - Studia Logica 101 (3):619-636.
    The signature of the formal language of mereology contains only one binary predicate P which stands for the relation “being a part of”. Traditionally, P must be a partial ordering, that is, ${\forall{x}Pxx, \forall{x}\forall{y}((Pxy\land Pyx)\to x=y)}$ and ${\forall{x}\forall{y}\forall{z}((Pxy\land Pyz)\to Pxz))}$ are three basic mereological axioms. The best-known mereological theory is “general extensional mereology”, which is axiomatized by the three basic axioms plus the following axiom and axiom schema: (Strong Supplementation) ${\forall{x}\forall{y}(\neg Pyx\to \exists z(Pzy\land \neg Ozx))}$ , where Oxy means ${\exists (...)
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