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    Yaoda Xu & Marvin M. Chun (2009). Selecting and Perceiving Multiple Visual Objects. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 13 (4):167-174.
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    Brian J. Scholl & Yaoda Xu (2001). The Magical Number 4 in Vision. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (1):145-146.
    Some of the evidence for a “magical number 4” has come from the study of visual cognition, and Cowan reinterprets such evidence in terms of a single general limit on memory and attention. We evaluate this evidence, including some studies not mentioned by Cowan, and argue that limitations in visual processing are distinct from those involved in other memory phenomena.
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    Yaoda Xu (2014). Inferior Frontal Junction Biases Perception Through Neural Synchrony. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 18 (9):447-448.
  4. Yaoda Xu & Ken Nakayama (2007). Visual Short-Term Memory Benefit for Objects on Different 3-D Surfaces. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 136 (4):653-662.