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    How we can create the global agreement on generative AI bias: lessons from climate justice.Yong Jin Park - forthcoming - AI and Society:1-3.
  2.  49
    Personalized Ad in Your Google Glass? Wearable Technology, Hands-Off Data Collection, and New Policy Imperative.Yong Jin Park & Marko Skoric - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 142 (1):71-82.
    This study analyzes the increasing presence and capabilities of wearable computing devices in the cornucopia of personalized digital data. We argue that the institutional data practices typical of Google Glass will pose policy challenges and herald yet another dramatic shift to personalized data marketing. We also highlight the characteristics of Google’s existing synergetic data practices that will shape the development of not only Google Glass, but also all subsequent wearable mobile devices in light of 360-degree data collection. The key organizing (...)
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    Surveillance, security, and AI as technological acceptance.Yong Jin Park & S. Mo Jones-Jang - 2023 - AI and Society 38 (6):2667-2678.
    Public consumption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has been rarely investigated from the perspective of data surveillance and security. We show that the technology acceptance model, when properly modified with security and surveillance fears about AI, builds an insight on how individuals begin to use, accept, or evaluate AI and its automated decisions. We conducted two studies, and found positive roles of perceived ease of use (PEOU) and perceived usefulness (PU). AI security concern, however, negatively affected PEOU and PU, resulting (...)
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