Yun Lu [3]Yun‐Chieh Lu [1]Yunkun Lu [1]Yunbin Lu [1]
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    Examining the Cognitive Processes Used by Adolescent Girls and Women Scientists in Identifying Science Role Models: A Feminist Approach.Gayle A. Buck, Vicki L. Plano Clark, Diandra Leslie‐Pelecky, Yun Lu & Particia Cerda‐Lizarraga - 2008 - Science Education 92 (4):688-707.
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    A Time Series Analysis of the Effects of Financial Incentives and Mandatory Clinical Applications as Interventions to Improve Spontaneous Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting by Hospital Medical Staff in China.Feng Chang, Yue Xi, Jie Zhao, Xiaojian Zhang & Yun Lu - 2017 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 23 (6):1316-1321.
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    How Doctors Practice Evidence‐Based Medicine.Yun‐Chieh Lu & Ying‐Chun Li - 2013 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (1):44-49.
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    Reducts of the Random Bipartite Graph.Yun Lu - 2013 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 54 (1):33-46.
    Let $\Gamma$ be the random bipartite graph, a countable graph with two infinite sides, edges randomly distributed between the sides, but no edges within a side. In this paper, we investigate the reducts of $\Gamma$ that preserve sides. We classify the closed permutation subgroups containing the group $\operatorname {Aut}(\Gamma)^{\ast}$ , where $\operatorname {Aut}(\Gamma)^{\ast}$ is the group of all isomorphisms and anti-isomorphisms of $\Gamma$ preserving the two sides. Our results rely on a combinatorial theorem of Nešetřil and Rödl and a strong (...)
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